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Elevate Your Style with EVOLG's Multi-Colored Knit Gloves

EVOLG embraces a captivating blend of multi-colored yarns, artfully mixing earthy tones with accent finger-tip color coordination—a hallmark of our design philosophy. Our gloves are not just a fashion statement; they also offer exceptional warmth and comfort. Crafted with our signature inner-brushed fabric, we use a unique process involving circular brushes to raise the nap, providing an extra layer of softness, comfort, and warmth.

SIZE: These gloves are available in a One Size Fits Most.   All design, catering to all genders who appreciate urban lifestyles and trendy fashion trends.


At EVOLG, we are committed to delivering gloves that offer precise fingertip control for seamless interaction with your touchscreen devices. Our relentless pursuit of this goal led to the development of DMA YARN—a special conductive yarn. This yarn is the result of a two-year journey, utilizing a proprietary spinning method that mixes fibers with ionized titanium. The result? Highly conductive gloves that retain their original comfort and warmth.

To ensure your gloves remain compatible with the latest phone models, we regularly update the composition of our raw materials. Additionally, these gloves are designed to be metal allergy-friendly.

*For iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Users: Some customers have reported sensitivity issues when pressing the iPhone's home button. If you experience this, please activate the iPhone's Assistive Touch function on the screen.

MADE IN JAPAN: Our commitment to quality extends to the manufacturing process. All of our knit gloves are meticulously designed, manufactured, and packaged in Japan. We exclusively source the finest Japanese materials, handpicked by our master glove maker. These materials are then transformed in our half-century-old factory, which has amassed decades of knitting expertise, ensuring the production of best-in-class gloves.

TEMPERATURE RATING: EVOLG's Multi-Colored Knit Gloves are optimized for temperatures ranging from 40°F to 32°F (5°C to 0°C).


  • Acrylic 68.9%
  • Wool 27.5%
  • Nylon 1.6%
  • Polyester 1.1%
  • Polyurethane 0.9%


To preserve the quality of your knit gloves, use a special knit detergent to gently wash the soiled parts by hand, avoiding the use of a dryer or dry cleaning.

Experience style, warmth, and functionality with EVOLG's LET2722 gloves, a perfect companion for urbanites and fashion-forward individuals who demand both trendiness and comfort.

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