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Authentic Japanese Style

Designed & crafted in Japan

EVOLG GLOVES Established 2010 Tokyo Japan Fashion Comfort Functionality

Tech-friendly Fashion

Use your gloves with your gadgets

Durable in any weather

High quality material & craftsmanship

Variety of Styles

Choices for fashion, outdoor, lifestyle, sports & tech

Always Unique

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EVOLG was born in 2010 with the concept of "glove brand sending out from Japan to the world" as a concept. We produce high-quality, tech-connecting gloves for your comfort and warm...


Style is global and Japan is known for its unique take on gloves. Search by color, style or gender and find a pair just for you.

Works with your phones, tablets & touchscreen

Keep the gloves and gadgets on. Our materials allow you to keep surfing on your gadgets while keeping your hands warm and comfortable. 


Japanese-style gloves are worn like a fine dress; perfectly fitted, meticulously designed and created with attention


N. America Office: New York City