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About Us

EVOLG was conceived in 2008, and after rigorous research and development, sampling, and quality testing, it officially came to debut in Japan in 2010.

Our mission is to present a high quality Japanese product, which is top-of-the-line in usability and functionality, coupled with colorful and fun designs.

The brand name “EVOLG,” a reverse reading of GLOVE, is coming from Japanese child word-play.  True to its playful origin, EVOLG creates unique, fan, fashionable gloves.

All our knitted-gloves are produced and packaged in Japan using the finest materials that we carefully pick in order to assure maximum comfort for our users. Each one is made in a Japanese factory with more than 65 years of experience in knitting techniques.

All our cut & saw gloves are assembled overseas with high-quality materials from both Japan and Italy

EVOLG’s birth is “smartphone” gloves with its “e-fingertip” function and fashionable design.

EVOLG is one of the few glove brands that offers a wide variety of glove products under one brand covering a wide range of retail markets such as gift shops, apparel boutiques, outdoor/sports retailers, and life style stores. Also, co-branding with other industries and partner brands is one of our successful business strategies (i.e., Tokyo Bike, Opening Ceremony, and Beams).

Currently, EVOLG is sold in 13 countries in cities such as, New York, London, Taipei, Hong Kong, Milano, etc. EVOLG continues to grow day by day as a leading glove brand. 

EVOLG’s main feature is e-fingertip technologywith design and function.

We invented conductive yarn by mixing ionized copper oxide and titanium into cotton before the spinning process. EVOLG thoroughly tested e-fingertip technology in fastness, friction endurance, formaldehyde and other functional testing.

This process made it possible to create high quality touch screen gloves. Because our conductive yarn uses non-ferrous material, our gloves are suitable for those with metal allergies.