True Touch Screen

EVOLG’s main feature is e-fingertip technologywith design and function. We invented conductive yarn by mixing ionized copper oxide and titanium into cotton before the spinning process. EVOLG thoroughly tested e-fingertip technology in fastness, friction endurance, formaldehyde and other functional testing.

This process made it possible to create high quality touch screen gloves. Because our conductive yarn uses non-ferrous material, our gloves are suitable for those with metal allergies.



DMA LEATHER technology

Natural leather with conductive property material for easy operation of touchscreen- panels. This patent pending Nano technology incorporates conductive material directly into the leather allowing touch screen compatibility.


Slide-Tec Logo

SLIDE-Tec technology

The newest patented technology using conductive property material on the wedge of gloves. So you can control the touch- panel with fingertips. You will have stress free use of your touchscreen devices.

DMA FLEECE technology

 DMA Fleece How It Works

We developed the special conductive fleece material two years ago. This is a new material in which wool and conductive fiber are processed by a special method combining the fleeces warmth with high conductivity for touchscreen devices. We also supply this fabric to many other glove brands and sports/outdoor industries.


Hipora Logo

HIPORA technology

Hipora is a 3 layer fabric that prevents water from coming in while letting moisture out.